Since you are on this page, I would have to guess that you are likely a career-minded mom who…

  • Is overwhelmed, exhausted, and burnt out from having too much to do and never enough time to accomplish even a portion of what’s on your list.
  • Often wishes that things in your life were different. You find yourself saying “Tomorrow, I will feel happier, less stressed, less guilty, etc.”? However, tomorrow comes, you experience more of the same, feel defeated, and don’t know how to stop the vicious cycle.
  • Feels that you are failing at home and at work despite the fact that you are giving it all you’ve got.
  • Wants to be the best in the many roles you play, but it is a constant struggle to maintain balance as a mom, wife, career woman, and friend.
  • Is sick and tired of constantly feeling the ill-effects of guilt, worry, resentment, anger, jealousy, etc. but don’t know how to combat the negative, self-sabotaging emotions that drain you.
  • Craves more time for self-care, but either feels guilty because you “should” be spending time with your family if you are not working OR have no time left to fit “you” into your overflowing schedule.
  • Feels that you “should” be happy and grateful for all that you have, however, meaning and fulfillment in at least one area of your life is lacking.
  • Wants it all (life & career success, balance, and happiness), but don’t know how to have it all unless you survive on 2 hours of sleep per night and load up on latte’s all day.


Unfortunately, many working moms who want nothing more than to ensure theMom pulling out hairy are taking great care of their children, fostering their relationship with their husband, working in a career that they love, and taking time for themselves are STRUGGLING. They are a wreck, juggling so many things and not having the time to do anything well. They are feeling that “having is all” will never be possible and is simply a cliche. They are constantly exhausted, going through the motions of their life, only to end up feeling stuck. When their beautiful child is born, life as they know it completely changes and they cannot help but feel that they are continuously falling behind on everything, with no where to turn!

If you have been experiencing any of this, please know that it is okay. It is not your fault. You simply have not been shown or taught how to navigate successfully through life as a working mom nor been provided with sustainable solutions. It doesn’t have to be this way and you do not have to suffer any longer! I want to reassure you that there is indeed a solution and a different way!

Name of Program

I’d personally like to invite you to join me for the FIRST and ONLY 10 week transformative training and coaching program designed for working moms just like you…the Take Charge Working Mama Success System™.

The Take Charge Working Mama Success System™ will provide you with the steps, systems, guidance and encouragement that you need to feel that you are successfully navigating the working mom journey. Building the life of your dreams can and will become YOUR reality…

In this program, I have distilled the strategies and secrets that I have used, and that my clients have used, to successfully balance career, family, and self-care while feeling sane, calm, and energized. By following the step-by-step system, you will be able to implement the secrets and strategies immediately for quick results!

graphic for my program!

I will take you gently by the hand and PERSONALLY walk you through this program so that you reap the benefits of creating and living your best life!

The Take Charge Mama Working Mama Success System™ consists of 10 training modules that are delivered to you in both audio and visual formats throughout a 10 week period of time. Each module is sequential and designed to help you get clear and focused on what is truly important in your life in order to maximize your 2 very precious resources: time and energy. Each module contains instructional content, assignments, and reflection exercises to help you along with your progress. In addition, you will receive UNLIMITED E-mail access to me in order to receive the support and guidance that you need!

Here’s a sampling of what we will cover throughout this 10 week virtual training/coaching program:


Module 1: Identify your Starting Point

We begin the coaching program by assessing what is working in your life and what is not. This truly is the core for the entire Kitten looking into the mirror to see a lionTake Charge Working Mama Success System™. Everything else is reverse engineered from here. It’s also what you’re probably most resisting, So, we start here and pull it all together through a holistic life assessment tool which will help you pain a clear picture of your life satisfcation in 8 major categories that represent your life. By the end of this module you will have a clear picture as to what is working well and where you need to focus more time and resources in order to truly be able to live a life that you absolutely LOVE!


Module 2: Redesign your Life from the Inside Out

In this module, you will complete exercises in order to discover your Inside Outcore values and what brings you the most joy and satisfaction in life. This process will enable you to spend your time and energy on what matters most and make decisions easily and effortlessly. When your decisions are in alignment with your values, you feel happy, balanced, and fulfilled. If the decisions and actions are inconsistent with your values, you feel torn and guilty. This leads to stress, anxiety, and unhappiness, which immensely undermines your effectiveness and your success, both at home and at work. In this module, we are going to rectify this issue!


Module 3: Master your Energy to Manage your Life

girl flying high on the beachIn this module, you will learn how to handle and conquer the energy crisis that is threatening so many working moms today. We’ll specifically focus on the dimensions of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy. I will share with you several ideas to empower you to make different choices regarding your energy expenditure and renewal. What this will in turn do is allow you to begin to capitalize on this limited resource and precious commodity. Once you start to apply the strategies that you will learn, the way you feel will change as will your entire life as a whole!



Module 4: Control your Life by Saying “No” and Setting Boundaries

No2In this module you will discover that breaking the pattern of self-sacrifice and deprivation by saying “no” is absolutely essential. You will reap the benefits by protecting your time, energy, and your emotional and physical needs. You will learn an easy 3 step process for saying “no” that will feel authentic and enable you to speak your truth. Tools and resources that you need to gracefully and comfortably say “no” will also be provided. Ultimately, you will leave this module having gained confidence to reclaim your power and your life.



Module 5: Simplify your Life to Gain more Happiness, Sanity, and Peace of Mind

Throughout this module I will show you how to routinize, organize,Simplify systematize, and automate your life to alleviate stress and increase your level of happiness and fulfillment. You will learn every technique my clients and I have implemented in our own lives to take control of consistent activities and tasks (e.g., morning routines, evening routines, meal preparation, household chores, errand running, home & family organization, outsourcing, managing schedules, etc.). The idea is to create the system once so you don’t have to waste time and energy thinking about it and making decisions. This will help you allow you to create more space and time for the people and activities you deem most important.


Module 6: Create and Cultivate your Network of Support support

This module is all about developing and nurturing your network of support. Cognizant of the fact that your time and energy are limited, I will provide you with some easy ways to develop & nurture relationships that lead to mutual support. You will leave this module with a clear plan of action regarding what to do to integrate more support into your life. This will inevitably lead to greater happiness, peace of mind, a sense of belonging, and an improved connection with others.


Module 7: Reinvent your Love Life

happy coupleIn this module, I will share with you the 5 Take Charge Mama ingredients for an amazing marriage. I will show you how to successfully integrate a career and family WITH a committed partnership.Specifically, you will learn tactics and strategies for achieving better teamwork, improved communication, prioritizing your time together, and greater intimacy.


Module 8: Reach a Harmonious Balance Between Work and Life

In this module, you will learn how to gain more control over balancemomyour career in order to successfully balance work and family. We will cover the numerous nontraditional work arrangements that are available to you as a way to have more flexibility in your job. You will go through a few eye-opening activities and assessments that will help you evaluate what you require in order to create and maintain balance between work, family, and the rest of your life (e.g., is an alternative work arrangement right for you and your family). You will be equipped with the exact steps to take and the resources you need in order to negotiate your ideal work arrangement AND get it approved.


Module 9: Master your Mindset for Ultimate Success

In this module, I will show you how to bridge the gap between where you currently are in your life and where you ultimately want to be. You will learnimagesCA7D7EBA how your mindset is working to keep you stuck, and what it really takes to make a leap forward to enjoy more happiness, success, and fulfillment as a mom, a wife, and a career woman. Your state of mind is your secret weapon in life. With a positive and uplifting mindset, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to do! Your every goal can and will be reached when you embrace the right mindset. It gives you the power to change any situation, any circumstance, and any result on a dime! I will walk you through a step-by-step process in which you can quickly change the outcome of ANY situation and reach the results you desire (and deserve) in life!


Module 10: Chart your Path to your Ideal Life

imagesCANIZUCLCreating a clear vision for your life and setting goals to support that vision is a fundamental key to life-long success and the last step to creating your ideal life. Those who have an image or vision of what they want have a path to follow and are more likely to get where they want to go. Think of this module as a vision and goal setting workshop. You will create the vision for your life and develop goals that support it. Done properly, the vision you set for yourself and the goals you establish WILL transform your life. In this module, I will teach you the most effective ways to set a vision and attain your goals. As a result, achieving your ideal life will occur faster than you ever thought possible. You will leave this module with a compelling vision of your life as well as a thorough and easy to execute plan of how you will get from vision to reality.


Here’s what you’ll receive when you invest in the Take Charge Working Mama Success System™ Coaching & Training Program:


 10 weekly audio training classes conducted by me covering all 10 modules of the Take Charge Working Mama Success System™.

Over a period of 10 weeks, you’ll meet with me by audio training delivered to you electronically. I will delve deep into one of the 10 different modules of the Take Charge Working Mama Success System™. Together, you will spend 60 minutes per week learning and exploring the in-depth, simple yet powerful strategies that are designed to change your life in a positive direction and spring you into action quickly. I’ll guide you through the exact steps you need to successfully navigate each dimension of the working mom journey. That’s 10 hours of time with me coaching you.

You will receive immediate access to Module 1 when you enroll.

                                         (Value: $3000)



Written Transcripts of all 10 Modules.

Some people are visual learners and retain information easier from reading a transcript than listening to a recording. We totally understand that, especially if you’re a big note-taker like I am. Having a transcript of all the content sessions allows you to print the material and read along, so that you don’t have to take as many notes when listening to the recording. We’ve made it super easy for you to learn the way YOU learn best.

(Value: $500)



Workbooks to go along with each of the 10 modules.

Each week, you’ll receive access to a downloadable workbook. Each workbook will include worksheets, templates ,checklists, and more! You will receive all of the amazing tools that I personally have used as a working mom that you can immediately use and implement in your own life.

(Value: $300)




UNLIMITED e-mail access to Dr. Marla Enhelder for extra support.

When you are stuck on an issue, it is easy to give up or lose momentum. However, I will be just an e-mail away and you can access me as often as you would like to get answers to your questions or receive feedback. It has been my experience that immediate support is not only priceless; it can make or break certain situations.

(Value: $1500)




Daily e-mail inspiration and accountability.

These daily emails will provide you with exactly what you need in terms of inspiration and key strategies that will allow you to easily and quickly implement precisely what you need in order to be successful. Each day you will receive an email that corresponds with the training module for that particular week to keep you on task and focused on your immediate results AND your long term goals.

(Value: $800)


Total value: $6100



The Take Charge Working Mama Success System™ Training & Coaching Program is your ticket to a thriving family, a fulfilling career, and a blissful you!

Don’t wait another second settling for less than what you want (and deserve) out of life. You are meant to prosper and excel as a working mom! Your time to be, do, and have anything you want is right NOW!

If your waiting for a sign this is it

Does this system really work? Will it give you the results that you are seeking in your life?

Absolutely and Astoundingly YES! Our work together will result in a transformed approach to living and loving your ideal life. All it takes is your dedication to completing the Take Charge Working Mama Success System™ Training & Coaching Program and a passionate commitment to creating positive change.

What results can you expect?

You can expect to…

  • Make your life as a working mom easier, while giving the best to your family and succeeding in your career.
  • Have a successful career, without becoming overwhelmed or compromising the quality and quantity of your family time.
  • Manage your time and energy in a way that will leaving you feeling exuberant; not exhausted, run-down, and burnt out.
  • Implement sustainable systems that will transform your life.
  • Understand how to adequately refuel and take care of yourself.
  • Have more time to enjoy your life as a mom, a wife, a career woman, and a human being.
  • Balance your competing priorities at home and at work in a way that supports your extraordinary life.
  • Gain clarity around your values, your vision for the future, and your life goals.
  • Make decisions that are in accordance with your values and your higher purpose.
  • Make empowered choices in order to lower your stress levels, increase your energy, be happier, let go of the negative thoughts and emotions that are not serving you well (e.g., guilt, fear, resentment, etc.), strengthen the relationship with your husband, establish your support network, succeed in your career, and make time for you.
  • Gladly ask for and accept help.
  • Establish a strong personal and professional support network.
  • Set boundaries and say no WITHOUT feeling guilty.
  • Create systems, routines, and rituals that will enable you to navigate through each day easily and effortlessly.
  • Go from losing yourself to loving yourself.
  • Reignite the passion in your relationship with your partner.
  • Grow with your spouse in lieu becoming disconnected from one another.
  • Understand and ask for what you want and need in your career.
  • Propose an alternative work arrangement (if this is a desirable outcome).
  • Define success in your career.
  • Have a plan for the next steps in your career.

How quickly can you expect results?

Obviously, this depends on your starting point and lReclaim Your Timeevel of commitment to the process. Though every client is different, if you are motivated to follow-through with the assignments and utilize all exercises, you will experience significant shifts instantly and continue to transform throughout the duration of the Take Charge Working Mama System™ Training & Coaching Program. Virtually, all clients see results after working through the first few steps of the program in the form of feeling less stressed, more balanced, having more time and energy to devote to what is most important, and feel more at peace and in control of their lives. Although change and personal growth can have moments of challenge, in the end you will be ecstatic with the new and improved YOU!

What’s the cost for the Take Charge Working Mama Success System™ Training & Coaching Program?

18648588Although the value of this program is well over $10,000 (including the bonuses that I have included), I am charging only $797.00 for a LIMITED time.

Yes, I know. I’m not charging enough for this program, but I wanted you to have no reason NOT to get enroll. So, I’m even letting you make *EASY AND AFFORDABLE INSTALLMENTS* to help get this into your hands!

Remember, when you are considering an opportunity to choose between where you’ve been and SUCCESS, don’t look at what an opportunity costs, look at what that opportunity is WORTH to you and your family.

Your investment of $797 includes 10 training modules (downloadable MP3’s and transcripts), the corresponding assignments, worksheets, and checklists, daily accountability messages to keep you focused and on-track for success, daily accountability messages, UNLIMITED e-mail access to Dr. Marla Enhelder for anytime I have a question, need additional support, or want to share my successes!

Nowhere else will you find it as easy to put all these necessary elements in place, in clear language and very specific assignments. My clients have repeatedly told me that my unique ability is to take huge amounts of information and put it together in easy-to-follow, logical and chronological steps. That is exactly what you will get with this. No more guess work to create your best life!

Best of all, you don’t even have to wait for me to ship it to you via snail mail. Once you purchase it, using our secure shopping cart, you’ll receive your first module in just minutes, right in your email inbox, so you can start working this system from the comfort of your own home, almost immediately.

Are you ready to start living your BEST LIFE as a working mom?

YES! I’m ready to do this for myself, my family, and my career! What now?

CONGRATULATIONS!!! It sounds like you’re ready to start experiencing some life-changing results RIGHT NOW!

By the way, did you read about the studies that show how decisive people who take action quickly are much more likely to succeed in life and business than those who tend to over-think each opportunity? Congratulations on being predetermined for success!

Here’s how to proceed:


If you’re still skeptical, I understand. After all, this may be the first time you’ve really heard of me or heard about this program. So, to make you feel as confident as I am, I’m putting my money where my mouth is, by offering you…

Money back guarantee picture


If you’re not 100% satisfied with this program, just contact my team within 90 days of your investment, and we’ll give you a full refund, no reason necessary. That’s my personal “I-Want-You-to-Be-Happy” Guarantee and you have my word on it!


Remember: If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’re going to keep getting what you’ve always gotten. Your time for RESULTS is NOW.

I am so excited to work with you!

To your brilliant and abundant success,

101611 Marla Biz Portrait870 web







Dr. Marla Enhelder, PhD


P.S. Remember, you’re investing in the Take Charge Working Mama Success System™ Training & Coaching Program at absolutely NO RISK to you. You’ve got nothing to lose so take charge of your life today!