Before I started working with Marla, I was very unhappy with where I was in my career and it had a negative reflection on my family. After investing nine years with a company and being passed over for several job opportunities, I was left feeling rejected, frustrated, unconfident in my abilities and unsure of what to do. As a mother, it was very important for me to be a strong provider and good role model for my children and I was not in a place where I felt that I could be everything that my daughters and husband deserved. Marla coached me through a process to rediscover my values, identify strengths and gain a better perspective of what I wanted out of a career and a company. With Marla’s positive attitude, endless encouragement and support, I was able to put a career transition plan in place which increased my self-confidence, happiness and overall well-being. Whenever I doubted myself, Marla was always there to listen intently, she asked good probing questions to help me diagnosis the root cause as well as what I could do to overcome the obstacle.

As a result of Marla’s coaching, support, positive attitude and enthusiasm, I was successful with completing my career transition. I found a job with greater responsibilities, more pay and less stress! I am now able to be a more relaxed and happy mother for my children.

– Kirsten Plummer



The purpose of my writing this is to provide Marla Enhelder with a note to provide potential coaches the viewpoint of someone that she has directly coached. I have offered to do this for Marla, as it has been a wonderful experience being coached by her, and I would love to be able to give something back to this person who has done so much for me. One word that describes Marla is energetic. She puts 110% effort into her work. She is a positive individual, and her enthusiasm for her clients is remarkable. I feel that her ability to relate and empathize with people is her best quality. She has innate ability to sense and respond to the needs of those around her. Obviously, in the coaching role, interpersonal skills are incredibly important, as there is a very high level of contact both through verbal (telephone) and written (e-mail) communication. Personally, Marla has helped me attain my goals by encouraging me to follow through with my ideas, and she always checks back and offers help, guidance, and support. It is obvious that Marla cares deeply about those she coaches.

Most of all, I want to convey the impact she has had on my life. I have only known Marla for a few months, yet in that time, she has served as a powerful role model for me. She has actually helped me clarify my own goals and encouraged me, with genuine, caring interest, to pursue those goals both personally and professionally. Working with individual sin a coaching capacity is definitely where Marla shines. It is a perfect fit for a woman who has a special energy that people are naturally drawn to.

  – Amy Kloner



Before working with Marla I was struggling with work happiness and finding my place in corporate America and as a wife and mother. After working with Marla, I found that you can have happiness in all 3 areas by staying balanced and doing what you love. I have since ditched corporate America and started my own bakery business, following my dream. All business professionals that want to be better have a coach. As a result of my time with Marla, I feel fulfilled in my work/life balance; I now have a handle on it! It is so nice having an accountability partner/mentor since she is a mom too and going through the same thing!! Being a working mom, you face a daily guilt-it hurts to leave your children at the doorstep, knowing that you are going off to work for ‘the man’ to pay bills. It is amazing to have a resource to go to.

My advice for those thinking of coaching with Dr. Marla is to ‘DO IT NOW’…it will be the BEST decision you will ever make. Your spouse, children, and co-workers will thank you for it!

-Sarah Erwin




I am thrilled to share with you my experiences with my coach, Marla. Over the years that I have worked with Marla she has coached me though both professional and personal roadblocks, each time we met I was the center of her concern. That dedication always made me feel very special. At many of our meetings I struggled with identifying exactly how I was feeling or what I wanted my end result to be. This is when I experienced Marla’s intuitive coaching style. While she coaches she truly listens and has the ability to ask the right questions which helped me uncover my roadblock and my future goal. Marla is not only a compassionate coach but once we identified my goal/roadblock she becomes tactical and strategic. Her coaching comes with a step by step plan with built in accountability, exactly what I needed. From Marla’s guidance I understand that in life to change your situation you must be the one that takes the first step. As a result of working with Marla I have learned the skills needed to begin my journey of starting my own Gift Basket business. I have a plan with action steps and a wonderful support system. I can move forward with the confidence knowing that I will be successful business owner while having a family. Thank you Marla, I couldn’t have done it without you. I am excited about my future because of you!

– Brooke Wade



My advice for those thinking of working with Marla is to go for it! If you are looking for someone to positively motivate, inspire and help you find your career and life path there is no one more capable of assisting you with this task. Marla was my mentor, supervisor and coach during a time in my life when I was struggling with what my career path should be. I wanted something that was both meaningful and suited to me and my life experiences. Marla was actually aware of a position that was perfectly suited to my skills and abilities (and helped me heal from a personal trauma as well) and encouraged me to apply. She assisted me with updating my resume and offered all of the support, encouragement and gentle, yet firm, guidance to take the next steps and experience the next part of my career path. I felt prepared and empowered to move forward with Marla’s assistance. After a successful career transition, purchasing my own home and becoming involved in a healthy relationship my life truly got on the “right track”. Marla was instrumental in my personal development and accomplishments that I experienced in my life. Marla is enthusiastic, positive and very capable of doing whatever she puts her mind to. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious, motivating and inspiring to individuals who are seeking life coaching. For all of these reasons I highly recommend Marla as a life coach and positive role model. I am very thankful to have Marla and her guidance in my life.

– Dena Hester



When I first met Marla, I noticed her genuine enthusiasm.  Next was her positive outlook.  Whenever I am working with her, I want to know more, learn more, and share more.  This summarizes our relationship.  Learning and sharing and feeling inspired.  Inspiration is a great motivator.  Marla has been instrumental in my life as a central force of inspiration.  She has great ideas and is even better at helping me find my own great ideas.  Her well of encouragement runs deep and she is considerate with her constructive feedback.  I have achieved numerous goals with the assistance of Marla and, better yet, I have identified additional goals with her guidance.

As a result of working with Marla, I feel better prepared for life’s tasks and tribulations.  I am grateful for her guidance, her expertise, her wisdom, her kindness.  My life is richer and more rewarding as a result of knowing and working with Marla.

– Andrea Rosenthal




I had the great advantage of utilizing Marla’s coaching skills on a weekly basis. I found myself turning to Marla for advice and mentorship, in lieu of anyone else in my life, for two reasons: 1) She encouraged me to create action plans for the problems I faced and, 2) She followed-up with me to ensure I was doing what I had committed to accomplish.

If you are truly committed to making different choices in your life to be more effective and happier, then Marla is an excellent coach to guide you through that change. Having been to a few different therapists and life coaches, I was looking for a coach who would listen to my issues and let me tell him or her my ideas to be more effective. I then wanted to receive guidance and different ideas from my coach than the ones I had already come up with. Marla always provided excellent insights and different ideas. She always followed-up to see how I was doing in those changes. Sometimes I wanted to hide from her when I wasn’t doing what I committed to do! But I found that every time I followed through on the action plan we discussed, I saw great changes occur in my life.

If you want something more out of your life AND you are willing to become someone different to achieve that change, work with Marla. You WILL achieve better results more quickly than doing it on your own. The power of a good life coach, scratch that, the BEST coach is immeasurable.

– Megan Miller



I worked with Marla at the start of my career and really benefited from her support and guidance as I learned to navigate an entirely new professional environment. Through our individual coaching meetings, Marla helped me identify my areas of strength, develop short-term and long-term goals, and create plans to implement those goals. I appreciated that Marla worked with me as an individual and took my needs into consideration. The tools I gained working with Marla made me a much stronger person and professional. I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to have her as my coach.

– Stephanie Masta

 I want to take this opportunity to share that my relationship with Marla Enhelder, and my interactions with her, always led to a greater enthusiasm and a renewed vigor for the emotional and mental work that is required in the high human contact field in which I work.  Every conversation held many nuggets of inspiration and ideas for building relationships with my current and potential clients.

Additionally, as a single mother of 2 young children in a traditionally male dominated field, there were times that I felt there wasn’t a lot of understanding from my support network.  No time more strongly than when I was repeatedly attempting to find out how short term disability works during maternity leave for my youngest, and kept being mistaken for an Administrative Assistant and given misinformation.  Marla’s discerning ear heard my frustration and offered me the coaching and support that I needed in order to feel like someone genuinely cared about my personal well being.  Marla is an invaluable asset as a coach and as a mentor!

-Maaike H.


I hired Marla as my coach when I first began a new career and needed some guidance/support.  Before working with Marla, I didn’t have much confidence in myself or my ability to be successful.  I questioned my capabilities.

A few words that I would use to describe Marla are as follows:  good sense of humor, fully engaged, dedicated, caring, knowledgeable, gifted communicator, very confident and capable. I feel blessed to have her as my coach during a very instrumental time in my life and my career.  She was a true believer in me and my abilities and empowered me to do and be my very best at the start of my new career.

As a result of my coaching with Marla, I gained confidence, better communication skills, and I fully run a reputable practice. I serve on many boards within my community and am frequently sought after by more. I now have skills that are transferrable to many areas of life.

My advice for those thinking of working with Marla…Do it!!!!!!!!!!!!! It may be one of the most valuable choices you will ever make!

-Christie K.


As a 21-year-old youngster heading out to Arizona from Virginia to pursue a master’s degree, I felt as if I were heading into a great deal of unknown.  I knew I had a place to live, eat, and study…and that was about it.  I came from a very small community with little exposure to the outside world.  Dr. Marla Enhelder was my coach and my mentor throughout my 2 year master’s degree program and I am such a better person as a result of Dr. Marla Enhelder.

Her positive, yet realistic attitude gave me confidence to meet any challenge with optimism and determination.  Marla’s positive attitude creates an indescribable ‘can-do’ feeling inside each person she connects with.  I remember several daunting challenges when Marla just needed to give me that little confidence boost and I was on my way.  Marla led by example in so many aspects of her life.  Meeting challenges with pride and confidence was just one of the many attributes I gleaned from Dr. Marla Enhelder.

Marla’s communication skills are probably one of the most exceptional skills she possesses.  When I began working with Marla I was notoriously a talker but rarely a listener.  I remember Marla sitting across from me in our weekly meetings listening intently when I would talk on and on.  She would never interrupt, would restate my thoughts, and would address or speak to my concerns.  She was the epitome of an active listener.  Her body language, affirmation of my comments, and complete attention on me made me feel like my concerns and ideas were of utmost importance.  I began to realize that I didn’t communicate this way and that it would behoove me to learn these exceptional qualities.  Little did I know, but Marla had already begun the coaching process by modeling and encouraging me to use these strategies piece by piece.

I am so blessed to have been able to work with a mentor like Dr. Marla Enhelder.  I began my time with her as a naïve, young adult with few communication skills.  Marla’s nurturing demeanor and gradual curriculum helped create a much more well-rounded individual who has gone on to complete a doctoral degree, educate thousands of children, and now help lead and manage a school.  I still keep in contact with Marla and have an immense amount of gratitude and respect for her.

– Dr. Shores


I knew that I had to make the decision, and very quickly, to hire a coach.  It was easily recognizable – small paychecks, scrolling through my contacts wondering who might be the next phone call, avoiding talking about my day with my husband, dreading the drive to work. My fear was that someone employed by my firm would be calling me any day now. No doubt, it would be someone who punched the clock in the morning, and punched it again in the evening, already forgetting the conversation they had with me earlier. It would be somebody who didn’t have any idea what it was like to do my job, but was going to tell me all the things I should be doing; Doubtless, it would be somebody who would preach at me, using cute sayings they had heard other people use, as if that would make a difference in my business; This would be somebody who could terminate my employment without ever having met me.

Then one day it happened.  Marla came recommended to me by a fellow colleague who was once in my similar situation…not performing well in his job and given 4 months in which to turn his business around or get fired.  I scheduled an introductory call with Marla.  The day of the call I received an intercom from my Administrative Assistant indicating that Marla was on the phone.

“Hi Darlene! It’s Marla!” My first impression of Marla was…WOW, she is so cheerful.  I wish she would share a little of that with me.  We discussed where I am in my business and where I wanted to be.  Rather than looking at where I am as a failure or flaw, she saw it as an opportunity!  She even made it sound like I had just been awarded the sweepstakes. But something clicked that instant. Why not treat where I am in my business with the enthusiasm it deserved? It was another chance, after all.

From that point, I knew she was the right coach for me! I felt so encouraged, optimistic, and empowered to make positive change for myself, my career, my husband, my team, my clients, and my firm.

During our conversation, Marla helped me discover that this truly was an opportunity, one not given lightly. Her enthusiasm never let up. I could hear the sincerity in her voice. If I could only be receptive, she would help me find success. Insightfully, she said that we were not here to design a short term fix.  Rather, to discover what could be done to sustain that success in the months and years afterwards. She certainly had my attention now. She was talking about a long-term future.

Other coaches and mentors I have had during my six years in this profession had offered quick-fix ideas, or what I call “bumper stickers” – catch phrases of thought-provoking simplicity: “If you’d only do this,” (add bumper sticker here), “success will abound!” But Marla offered a different approach. In all of our conversations, she listened more than she talked. That’s a skill, an art she has crafted very well. I did most of the talking, she facilitated. She helped me understand that my immediate goal could be broken down into manageable pieces – a month, a week, a day, and an hour. The long-term goal would be a process of integrating short-term disciplines along the way.

Marla encouraged me to focus on those things which were controllable and manageable today. By itself, that philosophy didn’t allow any time at all to think about an undetermined event (e.g., getting fired from my job) four months from now. Focusing on today gave me a strategy to put together multiple days adding up to four months – and more – of success.

A rule was immediately implemented in our office: No rear-view mirror vision. Keep my vision forward-looking. No comments about what was – or should have been. Lamenting on anything that happened longer than this morning was no longer allowed. Discouragement was countered with the positive which could be attributed to the experience. In other words, what did I learn that I will do differently next time – not what did I hate about what has already happened.

As I mentioned before, something clicked from the first phone call with Marla. This wasn’t just another coach.  Clearly, this was her profession and her passion, not just her job.

Twenty five years ago I learned this about teaching: Tell the student everything they have done well. Stroke that which motivates them. Encourage learning and compliment the efforts that have lead to their knowledge and skill. Then, take the list of those things they could do better. Choose only one which student and teacher will work on together so that it will also someday be included on the long list of things the student is doing well. Marla personifies this complicated and effective coaching tool. Every call with her is layered; recognizing effort, reviewing success and praising accomplishment create the base. In the middle, an item we should work on between now and the next time we talk, positively implying that we are not done yet. The final layer is a review of those accomplishments we have enjoyed.

My coaching with Marla has provided benefits I might never have seen without the opportunity to participate. My Administrative Assistant feels more like a team member.  My husband says I am a better person to come home to. Colleagues hear my energy. Driving to work is spent anticipating how well the day will go. My day is consumed by positive activity because I won’t allow it to be otherwise.

Six years ago, I left a career in which I was respected and challenged. Today, as a direct result of the opportunity given me by Marla Enhelder, I am once again challenged. I have gained respect from my firm, my colleagues, for myself and the contribution we make in peoples’ lives. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

-Darlene G.


Before working with Marla I was stagnating in a state of negativity regarding what to do with my career. With coaching, I received many tools to help me dig deep within myself to explore how I felt about my current career as well as exploring alternative options that I had not even dreamed were possible.  As a result, I now know that accepting the idea of being happy is a choice I can make for myself.  With that, I came to realize that the career I was in during the time of my coaching with Marla is not where my passion lied.  That’s ok, in fact, that has been a wonderful discovery for myself that I could not have made without guidance and direction!  It was a joy to have her in my life and I sincerely appreciated her genuine care for me and meeting me where I was and where I wanted to go as an individual.  Marla is a gift to everyone she coaches!  I highly recommend to utilize her coaching services…you will leave the relationship a changed person!

– Johanna W.


It is my pleasure to provide a testimonial on behalf of Dr. Marla Enhelder. Although I signed up for a 6 month program with Marla, I did not want to end our coaching relationship. As such, Marla has been my coach for the past four years. In this capacity, I have been extremely impressed by her enthusiasm, zest for life, and the ability to inspire me to see and experience a completely different (and wonderful, I might add) life than the one I was previously living! I could not have made the positive shifts without her constant support and mentorship. She guided me to better understand how my thoughts impacted the way I felt along with the actions that I was taking. Marla redirected my entire focus, from the inside out. I am forever indebted to Marla and I recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone who may be considering a coaching relationship with her. Your life will be changed FOREVER!


– Lisa J.


I am honored to write this testimonial for Marla Enhelder. Marla served in the capacity as my coach 2 years ago. First and foremost, I have to say, she was invaluable. I have hired quite a few coaches along the years and Marla ranks as the best coach I have ever had, bar none. She generously went above and beyond all of my expectations. She is a natural when it comes to asking all the right questions to get you to the answers that lie within yourself. Marla has the ability to remain positive, uplifting, and focused throughout the entire coaching process. She is a great role model and her integrity allowed me to fully trust her. She was devoted, dedicated, and sensitive to my individual needs. Marla truly motivated and inspired me to do and be my best self!

Best of success to you,

– Barbara M.


I am pleased to recommend Marla Enhelder as your personal coach. Marla is dynamic, intelligent, self-aware, and very talented. She is an empowering mentor and has that rare ability to both actively support and challenge my thoughts and actions. Because of her overt enthusiasm, respect, and sensitivity to my issues, she easily won my trust. Marla is deeply committed to enhancing my life.

I have come across only a few people throughout my life who have Marla’s emotional balance, her honed speaking/listening skills, her genuine love for others, and her ever-present, delightful personality. I whole-heartedly recommend Marla Enhelder as your coach. I am certain that you will benefit from her insight, compassion, and skills as a coach, educator, and mentor.

– Kim R.


It is with pleasure that I offer this testimonial for Marla Enhelder. I hired Marla to be my coach a few months ago and quickly determined, without a doubt, that Marla is one of the finest people with whom I have ever worked! She has shown her commitment to my personal growth and development. She has truly taken the time to get to know ME as an individual. I can tell that she is truly dedicated to do whatever she can to best meet my needs. I could continue to elaborate on Marla’s skills and characteristics, but I am hopeful that I have offered enough reasons for you to consider, seriously, Marla as your coach. In addition, Marla has a warm and wonderful personality. She is a joy to interact with each week and has an enormous ability to motivate. I look forward to continue my journey with her and know that she has already made an invaluable difference in my life and that of my family!

– Shannon F.