3 Ways to Use Essential Oils

There are three ways you can use essential oils,

  1. (A) Aromatically
  2. (T) Topically
  3. (I) Internally

Let’s briefly go through each one.


The first method of application is AROMATIC. The key benefits to using your oils aromatically are to clean the air, provide respiratory support/open your airways, and to affect moods and emotions. Using essential oils aromatically can be accomplished by inhaling the oil from an open bottle, rubbing a drop of oil between the palms and inhale, or through the use of a diffuser. I often diffuse Wild Orange and Peppermint when I am lacking energy and need to get more work accomplished because they positively affect mood and are energizing. If it is in the evening and I am relaxing before bed, I diffuse Lavender or Serenity to accomplish this goal. If my kids are feeling under the weather and congested, I diffuse the Protective Blend for immunity support and the Respiratory Blend to help them breathe easily throughout the night.


The second way to use essential oils is TOPICAL. Ideal uses for using your oils topically would be discomfort or irritation. The oils can be applied directly to the area of concern. Additionally, you can always apply to the bottoms of the feet. Why the bottoms of the feet? The bottoms of the feet have the largest pores in the body and are the most open. Therefore, they act like an IV taking the oils directly into the bloodstream to affect the entire body within approximately 30 seconds. When using essential oils topically, it is recommended that you dilute them with a carrier oil (e.g., fractionated coconut oil). 1 to 2 drops of essential oil in a teaspoon of carrier oil is a general starting point. Add more carrier oil for babies and children.


The third method of application is INTERNAL. Some reasons you would use essential oils internally is to provide relief for digestive upset and to support your immune system. Typically most essential oil companies discourage the use of oils internally. And, because of a lack of purity, rightfully so. The oils I use and recommend are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade and are safe to take internally! NOTE: Please do not use any other brand of essential oil internally! It could do more harm than good. There are a few different ways you can consume oils internally: You can put 1-3 drops of oil in an empty veggie capsule and swallow, place 1 drop of oil directly under the tongue, or add a few drops of an oil in a glass of water (e.g., lemon oil is great for removing toxins). Also, you can cook with essential oils!